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Scientist of the Month:
Mae Jamison


The week of Wednesday, January 28th.
Class 5-1 is very proud to announce the January MACHO Student of the Month! This has been rewarded to our friend, Kacey! She is a supportive friend, and hard working student, and always willing to lend me a helping hand. Congratulations, Kacey!

Math Class:
We are moving right along in 5th grade math! We are starting a brand new chapter (Go Math Chapter 6) and we are excited to learn how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. We will be introduced to many strategies that will help us find those common denominators.

 Each student has a bag filled with fraction strips that will help them on their homework. Remind your child to use these if they get stuck!

Science Class:
All living things have characteristics that allow them to be classified. We will be exploring these different groups together!

Reading Class:

We are reading Restart in class this month! This story follows a middle school boy who fell off his roof and lost his memory. When he returns to school, he learns that he was not very nice to his classmates prior to his accident. We will be following his journey in this coming of age story that promotes kindness and a bully-free school atmosphere.

Remember that we will have Spelling/Vocabulary homework assigned on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. The students should use Thursday night to review their spelling and vocabulary words for our Friday morning assessment.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime!

Our Special Schedule: 
Monday- Music
Tuesday- Library
Wednesday- Gym
Thursday- Computer
Friday- Spanish and Art


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