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December 3, 2018

Dear Families, 

Happy December!  As we prepare for Christmas we will be focusing on the season of Advent in school.  Each Monday we will have a school prayer service in the morning.  This week we will also be attending Mass on Wednesday.  You are all welcome to join us.  We have been working every day on having M.A.C.H.O. moments, but will try even harder during Advent to make good choices and be kind to others. In class we will be working on Jesse Trees and making Advent wreaths.  I hope that this season brings joy and peaceful blessings to everyone.

We are finishing chapter 4 in math this week and will have a test on Chapters 3 and 4 on Friday.  The children have been doing very well with learning the strategies for multiplication.  This week we will begin with regular practice of the times tables.  As I have told them many times, the sooner they memorize their facts, the easier math will be! There are many online games and apps that can help with this.  Please try to make it part of their regular routines. 

This week we are going to take a break from the reading textbook to read a book called Amos and Boris.  This is a great book about friendship and caring for others.  The children will have some writing activities and will be practicing some skills as we read.  Please be sure when they are working on their homework that they are using complete sentences and checking their work for capitalization and punctuation.  

There is a social studies test on chapter 3 on Tuesday.  The children have been reviewing in school using a quizlet.  If you haven't already, please take a look at how the quizlet works.  It's a great way for the children to study and practice their skills. The link is available if you click on the calendar event where it says social studies test.  

We are looking forward to our field trip on Thursday.  Please be sure that your child wears his/her gym uniform and brings lunch in a disposable bag. Please also be sure that he or she is dressed appropriately for the weather.  We will be outside going between buildings.  

I hope that you all have a great week. 
Mrs. Toritto

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