Mrs. O'Donnell
Week of Nov. 12, 2018

Dear Parents,
I hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend.  We have a busy week ahead of us  There is a Social Studies Test on Unit 2 on Thursday the 15th  We also have a Math Unit 3 test on Friday in addition to our usual Spelling assessment.  The children did a spectacular job on their "landform" projects.  I was so very proud of them.

Reminders:The The November Reading Menu went out last week .  Students should have brought them home.   

Homework for the week of Nov 12, 2018

Tuesday: Math p.69,70 Read 20 min;  Spelling game board start
Wednesday: Math p. 71,72 Read 20 min.;  Spelling game board 
Thursday:  Math p.72,73 Read 20 min.; spelling game board 

ELA. Lesson Unit 10  Our anchor text is "Jellies: The Life of a Jellyfish". Our target skill is to distinguish between fact and Opinion.  The Genre is that of informational text.  The target strategy is to monitor and clarify.
Phonics: We will be focused on contractions  
 Vocabulary: We will review unit vocabulary and concepts from the chapter.  
Grammar will concentrate on verbs: present past and future.  
We will continue working on  Unit 4"All About Plants".
We will learn the parts of the plant, roots, stems, leaves etc. We will discover the life cycle of plants and how they are germinated.

Religion- This weeks lessons will focus on God's law and the Ten Commandments. We will also talk about the Great Commandment to Love that Jesus gave us.  We will continue to talk about God's Law and how it is meant to affect us in our daily lives. We will learn more about Moses and other Old Testament figures.

Social Studies:   We will prepare for our upcoming Unit test  about Our Earth. Students all have notes stapled into their green notebooks to study from .

Math: Chapter 3- We will finish this chapter We will focus on acting out the problem by drawing a representation.  We will focus on addition and subtraction sentences and repeated addition problems. Our test on Unit 3 will be on Friday.

Spelling words

I'm                                                                       review:  we
don't                                                                                   them

**Spelling tests will be on Friday’s 

Special Schedule:
Monday: Library 
Tuesday: Computer
Wednesday: Spanish
Thursday: Art and Music
Friday: Gym Please Wear gym uniform and sneakers on Fridays. 

If if you have any questions , don't hesitate to contact me at: 

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