Mrs. Isola


March 25, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 
Our chicks are growing peacefully in their eggs!  The children are so excited each day to get to see what they look like inside as they grow! Please continue to remind your child about staying calm and not getting up from their desk without raising their hand.  This keeps a very safe classroom and gives the chicks a calm environment to grow!    
Our classroom is still in desperate need of donations of copy paper!  Please be sure to ask your child if they need new crayons and send those in as well!  

Homework is not optional! :) It is something that is very important for both students and parents to do together.  It allows for the parents to know what is being taught in math each day, as well as learning important words that go along with our rules for FUNdations.  Good homework habits happen now- so please help me by completing it each night with your child. It is also VERY important that their agenda comes to school with them every day (except Mondays!- I will be collecting them on Fridays to make sure that they have them for Monday!) 

**Some Information for You!**

-Your child will need one (1) HEALTHY morning snack every day! Some examples are yogurt, fruit, granola bar, pretzels, Goldfish, Cheerios, etc! They will also need to bring their own water bottle each day.  The only thing they can drink at snack time is water! This should be in a bottle with a sports top or pop up straw (tops that screw off often make spills that we try to avoid!) 
-Please refrain from sending your child to school with peanut butter as we have a few children with severe allergies.
- Remind your child about the importance of staying safe in our classroom.  This means we keep our hands on our own bodies and we raise our hand to leave our seats.
- Remind them to ALWAYS ask for help.  
-Remember to have fun while learning!

This week in 1-2:


We will finish up Chapter 7- Comparing Numbers.  This week we will learn about ten more and ten less. We will be having our test on Tuesday.  We learned the different math symbols <, >, =, as well as compared 2 digit numbers throughout this chapter.  

*Please be sure Doubles Facts and Friends of Ten Facts are still being practiced EVERY NIGHT until they are memorized.  Having these facts memorized will make future math concepts a lot easier!  


Story of the Week: Whistle for Willie
Spelling Words:
 out, about, our, planted, blending, August, saw, shouted, spending, straw
Skill: Cause and Effect
Writing: All About ____ (informative) 
Grammar: Adjectives
FUNdations: closed syllables with 5 sounds (adding a suffix -ed and -ing)/oa, oe, ow, ou, oo, ue, ew, au, aw
Remind your child to put a * on top of the bonus letter, to put a box around the glued sound, underline the base word, circle the suffix, circle r-controlled vowels, each letter in a blend gets their own line, closed syllables get a scoop with a small 'c' under it as well as a breve above the vowel, when we "mark up" our words!
Trick Words: out, about, our
Words of the day: 

We will be finishing up Unit 3- Animals.  This week we will focus on how animals are different and learn about their characteristics.
We will continue to focus on the season of Lent.  

If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me!  E-mail is a great way to get in touch with me, but you can always call the main office and leave me a message.  I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Here's to a great year!


Mrs. Isola

Monday- Library (remember your books!)
Tuesday- Music
Wednesday- Spanish
Thursday- Gym/Art (make sure you wear your gym uniform!)