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Our online Parent Portal will be closed from November 30th until after Report Card Conferences, at which time it will reopen. You will not receive email alerts during this time either.
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Take Action
arrowsTake Action for Catholic Schools
Stay informed, Have a voice! The NYS Legislature is moving forward in earnest with state budget negotiations. In addition to considering the tax benefits of the newly expanded 529 plans, lawmakers are also considering whether they can restore the "instructional time" standard in Mandated Services Reimbursement. If we don't fight to restore this well-established standard, Catholic Schools will see a cut in their much needed reimbursement. Click "Read More" to visit the Take Action website and send a message to the NYS Legislature!
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arrowsThe HEARTest Yard Fundraiser
L.B.C.R.S students, together with their families and friends near and far, have raised $6,000 for The HEARTest Yard Foundation during their Catholic Schools' Week Fundraiser! This is truly amazing and we are so proud! These funds, which were matched by Greg & Kara Olsen (creators of the foundation), will go a long way towards helping families navigate the difficult days ahead of caring for a child with a congenital heart disease. Visit our Facebook Page to view a personal thank you from Greg Olsen!
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arrowsRegistration Forms - 2018/2019 School Year
Download your new student registration forms here! Click "Read More" and select the file you need. If you have any questions, please call the main office at 516-432-8900.
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